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By requiring the foundation to spend itself out of existence, I seek to ensure that the foundation will always remain in the hands of people who understand my intentions and are committed to carrying out the foundation’s mission.

Daniel C. Searle


When will the Searle Freedom Trust shut down?

The Trust will close on December 31, 2025. 


Why is the Searle Freedom Trust closing its doors?

Spending down its assets instead of existing in perpetuity will allow SFT to have a more immediate impact and will help ensure that Dan Searle’s intent is honored with every grant the Trust makes.

Will the Trust make any large “going away” grants?

The Trust does not intend to make large send-off grants as it nears its closing date. SFT expects to award most final grants in 2024 and will sharply reduce its grantmaking in 2025.


Does the Trust accept unsolicited proposals?

No, the Trust no longer accepts unsolicited proposals.

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